Short Reads

Small ships lead to magnificent wonders on the Kimberly Coast!

The journey is the destination in the Kimberly, one of the remotest areas of Australia. Cruises take you deep into coastal areas, but can go only so far to find some of the treasures of the region.

Seek a Moroccan souk for your own Indiana Jones adventure!

Indulge all of your senses, accept the challenge of bargaining and don’t lose your bearing. Where and how? Visit a Moroccan souk!

There’s more than one magic kingdom!

Fairy tale places do exist! Just head south of Munich to this region of majestic mountains, enchanted castles, and gorgeous scenery that will make you say “Wow! over and over again.

Uncork your way thru Australia!

From palate-seducing chardonnay to sharp-tone shiraz, the Aussie wines have it all. Tourists looking to sample some of Australia’s offerings-well, let’s just say you have a lot of choices!

Rwanda’s gorillas still need tourist Tarzans to save them!

One of man’s closest relatives have been under threat, but conservation efforts powered by tourism continue to come to the rescue.

Step by Step – The Ultimate Form of Slow Travel!

Slow the pace, enjoy gorgeous scenery and explore from a new perspective. How? Step by step by step….

Embrace adventure! Drive thru New Zealand!

You will find much of the best of New Zealand off the beaten path, so how do you get there? Road trip! But you do need to drive on the left. Breathe and….

A day on safari unfolds typically; it’s what you see that continually changes!

Ready for what many consider to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip? Knowing what to expect always helps to make a decision easier.
Africa’s rhythm extends to safaris, allowing time each day in your schedule to be amazed and rejuvenated.

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