Short Reads

Near, On or In – Location is Key on the Great Barrier Reef!

Submerged in a bright blue sea of water is a world unlike any other. Spots of greens, reds, purples, yellows, pinks, and oranges shine vibrantly against the simple blue of the ocean. A school of fish whoosh by, glug glugging, glugging as they go. A sea turtle floats about, basking in his surroundings as he

Eastern or Southern Africa Safari: Does it matter?

Roadblocks have a different meaning on safari. An African safari?  It’s a big decision for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Wildlife is everywhere, so does it matter where you go? Activities or sights other than game viewing might be a bigger factor in your decision, but when focusing on the safari experience, being in the know will

Surprises Aren’t Fun When Passports Are Involved

Do you know when your passport expires? Read more to learn when to renew and the reasons for renewing early.

A Total Cultural Adventure Awaits in Lyon!

Packed with culture, you can spend days in Lyon, France. And Lyon is not only about the food!

The Unexpected Does Happen!

Never in recent memory has travel insurance been such a hot topic, but bad things can happen that can significantly impact your travel plans at any time!

Enjoy travel more. Pack less!

Can’t stop overpacking? Try these tips!

Don’t forget that needed cable….again!

Tired of forgetting cables, earphones or toothpaste? Packing your least favorite travel chore? Read on!

Make trip planning easier by knowing your travel style!

Knowing your travel style will make vacation planning easier. What is a travel style?

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